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work is an ongoing study

of people through portraits.

She uses a variety of media to capture her portraits, the closest to her being watercolor. Her colors are mostly secondary and tertiary, and not complying with traditions and rules that usually constitute the flow of watercolor.

Her work tries to portray her subject in their most vulnerable self – using comforted and sometimes agitated stokes of bold and daring color, combined with layers of nature and patterns interwoven into the portrait.

These portraits are not only

a reflection of the subject, but they are also mixed with the feeling the subject evokes. That is why Maanvi’s work ranges from the abstract yet decisive stokes of a watercolor or acrylic paint brush to the hard-hitting yet measured marks of

a pencil or a ball-point pen.

Maanvi is a Visual Artist and freelance illustrator, a student of Fine Art and Design, and practices Illustration and Graphic Design professionally. She lives and works in Bangalore, and in her free time, she is either pruning her small urban balcony,  or can be found reading true crime.

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